Blake Pierre


My experiences as a young black man in America have sparked questions surrounding topics such as self identity, self image, and spirituality. Interest in such discussions constantly inform my artistic practice and influences the mood of my art. Music has also been a continuous source of influence in my artwork, and has always energized my artistic practice. I am also influenced by the study of the relationship between the conscious and subconscious mind as it relates to my work. 

My multidisciplinary practice explores traversing several methods of creating paintings in order to draw the viewer into an environment with each piece. I often employ bold and vivid hues of oil and acrylic paint, energetically applied using a combination of my fingers, paint brushes, and palette knives. I also use materials such as glass, fabric, gold leaf and resin.

My abstraction is birthed from a desire to express subconscious thought, and emotion, and fueled by a spirit of experimentation. I allow much room for my intuition to lead my decision-making while
painting. What drives my creative practice the most is the desire to constantly innovate new ways of creating.