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Brooklyn Rando


Brooklyn utilizes multiple mediums, sculpting hair, photography, drawing, and painting and brings awareness to what a non-binary individual experiences with gender dysmorphia/dysphoria. Through their art, Brooklyn explores gender ambiguity with their main aim of facilitating a safe environment for trans, non-binary and queer people.

LGBTQ+ adolescents are taught at such a young age to be ashamed of who they are, and everything they stand for. Queerness begs us to face parts of ourselves that have been deemed shameful and unloveable.  Brooklyn creates the art that they do, for the kids who don’t have anyone to tell them it’s perfectly okay to be different. 

Brookyn has been exhibiting in various events from a young age, including in "Emerging visions" at Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art for multiple years. Brooklyn went on to be the youngest artist featured in Tephra’s “Mary B. Howard Show” in 2016. Currently two pieces are being featured in Maryland’s FAC “Infinite Growth Exhibit” and recently exhibited in Dupont’s Underground "The Gender Within: The Art of Identity” (June 2022.) 


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