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The Art Show About Manifestation

By Maurice James Jr.

27 February - 21 March 2021

11:Eleven gallery is proud to introduce DC Artist Maurice E. James Jr. in his first solo show ‘WHAT IF?’

James Jr's work seeks to intertwine iconic American pop culture references with powerful Black images to positively promote Black Love, Black Beauty and Black Power.  Maurice’s work focuses on portraying the splendor and strength of Black People as well as embodying the importance of Black representation in mainstream pop culture. 

As a classic film lover and collector of baseball cards and comic books, James Jr’s art answers questions such as “What if we traded baseball cards of important Black leaders?”, “How could Black folklore integrate into comic book culture?”, or “What if Black artistic genius was hailed in the light of deity?”.  His work strives to create glimpses into a reality in which Black People and Black Culture are one with Pop Culture. 

Using digital graphics and merging genres, James Jr's work unapologetically manifests a positive new reality which will leave you pondering the question 'WHAT IF?'.

After all, Black history is American History too!

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