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Mark Denton Esq.

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Mark Denton was born in Greenwich, South London, into a large family of scrap-metal merchants. Everyone worked at G.F. Denton & Sons; Father, Mother, Uncles, Aunties, Denton and all of his siblings.


After yet another acid burn, aged 16, from a lorry load of car batteries, Mark decided the materials reclamation world was not for him. He enrolled at Ravensbourne’s School of Vocational Studies (without enough ‘O’ Levels to get into the main college) where he studied Graphic Design.


After an unglamorous start as a paste-up artist on the magazine ‘Knitter’s Digest’, Denton secured a job as an assistant typographer and visualiser at the London office of American advertising agency, Leo Burnett. In less than a decade, Mark found himself as Creative Director of his own agency and one of the most awarded Art Directors in the world.


The following years saw a foray into directing commercials and a return to his first love, graphic design.  Forever seeking new forms of self-expression, Mark kept busy designing everything in his world. Clothes, jewellery, wallpaper, furniture, the labels on his tins of beans; nothing was spared his artists eye.

Grasping every opportunity to develop his world, found Mark juggling many hats; Mexican-wrestling Promoter, book and magazine Publisher, theatrical Producer and male model to name a few.

Over his expansive career, his designs have been exhibited across the globe, notably at ‘The Power of the Poster’ exhibition at the V&A and as a ‘living exhibit’ under the name of Nobby Bottomshuffle (one of his many alter-egos) at the National Football Museum.


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