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Originally from France, Zabou moved to and started painting London in 2012. Since then she has been on a self-appointed mission to paint as much of the capital as possible, with a seemingly endless supply of fresh designs to work with.


Her works are striking, humourous and thought-provoking, set to elicit a range of emotions. Working with a combination of stencil and freehand techniques, she questions society and pokes fun at conformists.


Zabou has an innate ability to integrate the location and surroundings with her artworks: not just wishing to paint on the street, she makes them part of the street. The pieces harmonise with their surroundings and in turn create something which allows its audience to engage with the work as an installation.


She has painted in England, France, Portugal, Cyprus, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Dubai and the U.S.A

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