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October 22 - November 19, 2023


11:Eleven gallery is proud to present "A Matter of Time," featuring the never-before-seen portfolio of Charles Jean-Pierre, sonically curated by DJ Cuzzin B, Bobby Carter, NPR Tiny Desk Senior Producer. 

Growing up in a multigenerational, immigrant household where time and space were a luxury, Jean-Pierre found solace in his garage, which served as his workshop and space observatory. Chaperoned by the golden era of Hip Hop, the soundtrack of his liberation, he found an affinity with the heavens and used it to free his mind and soul.

In this exhibition, Jean-Pierre explores the multiple meanings of darkness and its lingering connection to the unknown and spiritual world. Created in the wake of his father's transition, he used this body of work as a way to investigate, understand, and grapple with the inevitable. Trading color for texture, figure for form, and the general for the unfamiliar, he captures the complexion of his childhood while honoring the golden era of his patriarch's life.

This portfolio was created in a dark reflective space away from a particular gaze where time stood still. They exist as shadows of his grief with the premonition: It was only a matter of time 'til we see the light.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness the unique and thought-provoking works of Charles Jean-Pierre at 11:Eleven gallery.

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