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Our Art A La Carte service provides the opportunity to rent high quality original and limited edition framed artwork at a small fixed monthly fee.  


This service is ideal for restaurants, cafe’s, corporate and retail businesses alike, as well as one off exhibitions and events.  Our Curator is able to translate your core brand values, whilst making bold statements in an abstract and innovative way that can only attract positive publicity.   


With high quality artwork to suit all budgets, and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing your favourite pieces as fixed business assets, you can also purchase any piece at any time by offsetting some of the money you’ve spent on your rental.


Benefits of Art A La Carte

There are often multiple benefits to renting artwork, as opposed to buying it outright. Some of these benefits can be described as:

  • Art is an additional attraction for the food service, corporate and retail sectors, and has been proven to draw people in (pardon the pun!).

  • Rotating artwork on a regular basis throughout the year keeps the experience at your premises fresh and cutting edge, for employees and guests alike.

  • Just a few pieces of unique art on your walls can change the whole dynamic of your place of business and helps ensure all who come into contact with your space enjoys their experience.

  • Patrons of your premises are likely to promote your business and brand via social media platforms, which in turn will generate even more business.
  • It has been proven that interesting artwork in the workplace boosts employee productivity levels.
  • Fixed monthly costs help you to budget and manage your outgoings whilst providing a high quality, fun and exciting aesthetic.


"Art encompasses a wide variety of media, and affects everyone who sees it in one way or another. Business owners are beginning to understand that displaying artwork in the workplace does more than make the office more aesthetically pleasing or impress visitors; it can actually increase employee efficiency, productivity, and creativity." -

We offer a free consultation service with an experienced Curator, so give us a call on (+1) 202 766 8283 or email us at to book an appointment.

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