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Definition: a British colloquial term used when an individual makes a purchase by making small, affordable payments over a period of time.  In this case, you can buy art and pay for it in installments.

Delphine LeBourgeois

Our On The Never-Never! service, enables new and established art collectors to purchase our artwork (of any value) and make affordable, interest free payments over an agreed period of time, without the usual rigmarole of applying for credit and/or background checks.


One of our founding principles is that quality art should be inclusive to all and exclusive to none.  So we are always looking at ways to ensure that we are truly demonstrating this ethos within the gallery and our client base.  We want everybody to be able to enjoy our artists in the comfort of their own homes and businesses in an affordable and convenient way, and this is only one of the ways we believe we can help to achieve that.

​​How It Works

  • 11:Eleven gallery will work with you to identify a realistic and affordable payment plan.

  • The payment plan is similar to a "Layaway" Plan: you pay installments on the item you reserve, and the item is kept by 11:Eleven gallery until it is fully paid-for.

  • Title to the Artwork remains with 11:Eleven gallery at all times until the total amount due has been settled in full.  

  • Once the first payment has been received, the artwork will be marked as "Sold" online and in the gallery.

  • You can make larger payments to get your artwork sooner, or, if you run into unexpected circumstances, we can change your payment plan structure.

  • You will receive a monthly statement showing the current balance of your account.

Matt Small

"Buying art can be intimidating, but Nicola made me feel at ease when she allowed me to pay for a special piece overtime. She was completely flexible and let me set my own schedule. The experience was professional, and now, there is no one else I trust as much as her when it comes to purchasing art" - Genuinely Happy Customer

If you would like to discuss our On The Never-Never! service in relation to a particular work of art in more detail, please give us a call on (+1) 202 766 8283 or email us at to book an appointment.

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