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Ben Slow

15. Ben Slow - I Didn't Mean It Like Tha

Initially coming from a fine art background, Ben graduated from UCA,Canterbury in 2006. However, rather than inspire him, the course left him very disillusioned with the art world and his options as a painter.


After graduating, Ben moved to London and embarked on a regular 9 to 5 lifestyle, something that he became dissatisfied with very quickly. Inspired by the wealth of street art that he was seeing in London, he set about starting to paint again, desperate for a more creative outlet. After putting some of his work out on the internet and gaining some very positive feedback he was commissioned to put a team together to produce a mural at The Royal Albert Hall.


This was his first exposure to painting on a large-scale and it gave him the confidence to start the large street pieces that you can see around the world today. There is an obvious narrative that comes through in Ben’s street work, they tell a meaningful story of their subjects, they aren’t just pretty portraits, they are “people that deserve to be immortalised” as Ben would say. This started to come about when a good friend of his passed away in 2010, a lively local to the Brick Lane area named Billy.

Ben was given the perfect wall to paint a remembrance piece and it made him realise that he had much more interest in painting people who have a story to tell, painting pieces that have a direct link to where they are painted. It’s not just the street art that Ben is passionate about.

His canvases give him a chance to experiment with a plethora of fine art styles and allow him to explore

the more abstract side of his personality. Having already exhibited work in the UK, USA, France, Italy and Ibiza,  Ben is well on his way to making a serious name for himself in both the street and fine art worlds. “I’m bringing fine art to the streets” and long may this continue.


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