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Dave White


Dave White is a contemporary British Artist who dedicates his work to celebrating popular culture and interpreting emotive issues in a beautifully stylistic yet striking manner. He engages with his subjects through a textured visual language, whilst exploring the complex theme of endangered species.


In 2002, White pioneered the Sneaker Art movement with the execution of pop art inspired sneaker portraits. This has led to long term collaborations with Nike and Brand Jordan. White’s first retrospective ‘Sold Out’ with Loughran Gallery, held in London, detailing a limited edition back catalogue since 2010. Other notable highlights include a collaboration with MTV to customise an EMA Award for a charity auction in London, launching the Staple Clothing (NY) colab collection, BT ArtBox (London), a feature on The Brit List courtesy of Shortlist Magazine and Harpers Bazaar special art edition (Asia). He has been 'touted as the new Andy Warhol' by The Independent.


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