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Elmer Calata


Elmer Calata is an autodidactic artist with experience in ink, paint, clay and found objects installations.

Born and raised in both urban and rural Philippines, Elmer's influence has come from the loud vibration of the city as well as the peaceful atmosphere of the provinces.  Elmer's work also heavily draws upon his experiences with the “campo” and “pueblo” lifestyles of South America, where he spends much of his time travelling.  He also incorporates his experiences within the Western world.


His unique style reemerged from clay, and the discarded and found objects in Latin America. On his return to the US, he started working in visual media using ink, paint, paper, panel and canvas. His inspiration is often rooted in human nature, the environment, as well as the cultures to which he has been exposed.

The intricate, clean, and layered proportions of Elmer’s work are coupled with strong, solid colors reflecting his vision to create something simple, crisp, and organically pleasing.


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