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2nd October - 31 October 2021


11:Eleven gallery is proud to present “Freezing Time: A Superpower” - a Fine Art Photography show exploring the art of storytelling and conveying some of life's beautiful complexities in photographic form.


Evoking thought and emotion, a photograph can transform light and time into something physical, grabbing our attention and playing on our emotions, and time is the most valuable resource known to mankind.  Here, each artist displays their superpower as we navigate through their lens as they present intriguingly unique perspectives on personal and overarching social themes, telling stories and framing the world around us.


Featuring local artists from the DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV) area, “Freezing Time: A Superpower” celebrates the unique talent of a small collection of Photographers who possess  the innate ability to capture, manipulate and immortalise special moments in time.

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