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Half A Roast Chicken

Dont sweat it.jpeg

Half A Roast Chicken, also known as Eve De Haan, is a well-known Lodon-based artist. She uses neon lights to create stunning pieces that share small stories through snippets of text. 

After pursuing a theology degree at Leeds University, she recognized that the best way to evoke emotion in others was through using the written word. So she began to create art, allowing each piece to only capture a small part of a story, allowing the viewer to complete it themselves. Through this, she tells her stories, using her own personal experiences and probing topics like technology, youth culture, and relationships. 

She has exhibited work in many iconic galleries in both Europe and the US, such as the Saatchi gallery and the Gallery of Neon in La.


She has also created art for Nike and had many interviews for major publications, along with billboards in London. 

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