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22 JULY - 28 AUGUST 2022


11:Eleven gallery is proud to collaborate with one of Baltimore’s most prolific curators; Thomas James, to present ‘If You’re Here, You Belong’ (IYHYB).


There is a power within acceptance of one’s self and others that allows for the empathy and open-mindedness necessary for safe spaces to develop and exist.


If You’re Here, You Belong is a collection of ideas and interests from 12 BIPOC artists, quilting together different cultural experiences into one communal, jubilant platform. The artwork on display explores lineage and the sort of existence currently manifesting itself as a result of that ancestry. The examination of cultural practices, geographic influences and family dynamics inform much of the energetic, vigorous artwork on display.


Moreover, living within the remnants of an inescapable colonial past and its repercussions not only shape how we each see the world, but how we see each other. This analysis of forced integration and/or rebellion against learned social norms is a common thread these artists share, resulting in interesting creations and quirks. 


Commonalities have the ability to create a sense of invitation and a yearning to participate in community. Being able to yield a sense of normalcy affords individuals the revolutionary privilege of inconsequentially existing. This leads to discovery and an uncovering of new stories that amplify more voices, providing context to current histories and progressing our world further.

Including works by: Ainsley Burrows, Alexis Gomez, Blake Pierre, Dereje Demissie, Erick Antonio Benitez, Jo Nanaijan, Khadija Jahmila, Liliana Guzman, Meron Engida, Ram Brisueno, Thiang Uk, Will Martinez

Exhibition Programming


Opening Reception: Fri, July 22 2022, 5 - 8pm

Artist Talk & Closing Reception: Sat, August 27, 3 - 5pm

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