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19 FEBRUARY - 20 MARCH 2022

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In Partnership with Artfinder, 11:Eleven gallery is proud to present ‘PANTONE BLACK’.


Pantone (meaning “all colors”), have identified well over 100 shades of black.This vast scale of blackness perfectly reflects what it is to be a Black person in the world today; there is no single shade or culture to define one’s role in, or contribution to, Blackness. 


PANTONE BLACK challenges what many perceive to be a Black monolith. Each of us has our own character that distinguishes us from the next person, much like any ethnic group, however, there are also profound and cultural consistencies that unite us as a people.

Featuring artists from New York, New Jersey, Baltimore and of course, Washington DC, PANTONE BLACK serves to highlight the dichotomy of our experiences as Black people, while maintaining the festivity and joyous celebration of our diverse culture, our history and Fine Art.

Exhibition Programming


Opening Reception: Sat, February 19 2022, 3 - 6pm

A Look Into Accra’s Artistic Journey: Fri, February 25, 2022

The Art of Wine Tasting (& Investing 101): Sat, March 5, 2021, 5pm

Artist Talks: Various TBC

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