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Sarah Kahle


Sarah Kahle is a visual artist currently living in the DC metropolitan area. Sarah’s work explores the unscripted version of the narrative figure. While there are dichotomies in her medium, space, and community, the common thread lies in the voyeuristic view and the vulnerability of her subjects. 

Sarah’s latest series, As We Came, depicts the LGBTQ+ community through the lesbian gaze. Her watercolor paintings expand how we understand femininity, represent the diversity of womxn, and allow the audience to experience the fluidity of LGBTQ+ sexuality. Sarah has shown this body of work at Superfine Art Fair (Washington, DC), Aqua Hotel at Miami Art Week (Miami, FL), Art of Noize (Washington, DC), Shockboxx Gallery (Hermosa Beach, CA), Limner Gallery (Hudson, NY) in 2021 & is currently showing at Adah Rose Galley (Kensington, MD).


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